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Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

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2014 MOC: PQRS and the MOC Matters Website
Visit the MOC Matters Website to fulfill and document your 2014 MOC and PQRS requirements. It consists of the MOC: PQRS Attestation Module, the PQRS Registry Module and the Patient Experience of Care Survey Module. As an added feature, the freestanding Patient Survey Module is available to diplomates of all Member Boards, whether or not the diplomates are participating in MOC:PQRS. The Website also includes an updated MOC:PQRS Facts & FAQs.
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Application Timeline for Examination
All candidates applying for Examination will need to complete and submit an online application in order to qualify and apply for an examination. Each application will be reviewed by the credentials department.

For more about why certification and maintenance of certification matters, click here.

Apply for an examination | ABPN Physician Folios site | Visit the Pearson VUE Website

Application Timeline for Examination

application timeline

Note: The above application timeline is only a partial view. More details are on the PDF file.


1. You will need an active, full, unrestricted license
2. If applying for initial certification in a Subspecialty, you will be required to enter your training or other qualifying information
3. A major credit card or check for making a payment

The following steps denote the timeline for the application process. You may also download the steps.
Download: Application Timeline for Examination pdf icon

step1 Step 1 Initiate the online application process by activating an ABPN Physician Folios account at www.abpn.com/folios
Note: You can change your contact information or update your license
at any time

Application Availability
1. Applications are available 90 days prior to the application deadline.
2. If applying for initial certification in a Subspecialty, you will be required to enter your training or other qualifying information.
3. For Psychiatry, Neurology, Child Neurology and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry certification examinations, your training information must be entered into preCERT before the application will become available.
4. Psychiatry, Neurology, Child Neurology Part I applications are no longer available.

step1 Step 2 Continue the online application process via ABPN Physician Folios Examination and Application section.

1. You must have an active, full, unrestricted license
2. Credit card for payment
3. If you are applying for initial certification in a Subspecialty, you will be required to enter your training and other qualifying information.
4. Send documentation of license and training as required.

step3 Step 3 Complete the online application process by paying your fees. Fees are handles by a third party processor.

step3.1 Step 3.1 Save/print your receipt

step4 Step 4 Wait for credentials department to review your application (4-16 weeks)

step5 Step 5 Receive a:
1. Acceptance letter via mail and/or email OR
2. Request for additional information via mail and/or email OR
3. Denial letter via mail. Applicants who are denied will not be allowed to take the exam

step6 Step 6 Register via Pearson VUE to take your examination at their testing facility (approximately 3 months) prior to the examination date. Scheduling instructions sent via email.

step7 Step 7 Take the examination

step8 Step 8 Grade Reports
Grade letters will be mailed to everyone within (8-12 weeks weeks). Pass/Fail posted in ABPN Physician Folios.

step9 Step 9 Applicants who pass will be certified and enrolled in C-MOC. Applicants who fail may retake the examination.

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